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Company Profile

Dear Customers And Dear Friends,
With Headquarter Located In Shanghai, The Biggest Commercial City In China, Shanghai N&L Industrial Co., Ltd.  (Hereinafter Abbreviated As NNL) Is Mainly Engaged And Professional In Stringing & Tower Erection Equipments, Tools And Materials For Overhead Power Transmission Line Construction Up To 1000 Kv.

Having Several Subsidiary Factories Located In Neighboring Areas Of Shanghai, NNL Has Been Providing Excellent Works Including The Design, Manufacturing And Supply Of Stringing & Tower Erection Equipments And Tools Etc. To Different Users / Customers In China, Germany, Thailand, Malaysia, India And Kenya Etc. For More Than 20 Years And Have Enjoyed Well Known Reputations Both In China And Abroad.

We Also Have A Strong Quality Control Team Of Good Qulifications With Necessary Measurement Tools And Testing Facilities So As To Ensure The Quality Of Materials To Be Supplied. In Addition, We Can Provide Independent (Third Party) Inspection And Certification Service For Most Of Stringing & Tower Erection Tools And Materials Made By Others At Customers Request.

Responsibility, Expertise, Efficiency And Persistence (Reep) Are The Cornerstone Of Our Growth And Are Kept As A Motto Of
Our Whole Company.

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