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Products Detail


Aluminum magnesium alloy Gin Poles are used for tower erection purpose.

The whole length ofthe gin pole is usually divided intoseveral sections for the convenience of transportation and can then be connected together, completely or partly, so as to reach a desired length in application. Each of main sections is made fromaluminum magnesium alloy of high strength with atticestructure & square cross section area. There are steel two flanges on both ends to facilitate the connection between sections.Head part and bottom part are made from steel and galvanized. Waist Loop is provided and set outside of gin pole length to support the standing gin pole sideward with more safety.

There can be two types of the gin poles: one is ‘ INSIDE-SUSPENDED’ type andthe other is ‘INSIDE-GROWING’ type.

Here we only refer to INSIDE-SUSPENDED type which is suspended and lifted inside thetower territoryand structure while lifting tower sections and towermaterials on.

Being light and detachable, it works efficiently and productively at sites where the cranes are not accessible.


Aluminum Alloy Gin Pole




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